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surrogacy program
Legal support in the
International surrogacy
Since 2003

specializes in medical law and legal support of surrogacy and ART.

300+ children
registered children in surrogacy programs.
15+ countries
from which the genetic parents come to us (China, Croatia, Great Britain, the USA, Romania, Moldova, Spain, Germany, Israel, etc.).
Helen cooperates with the best medical institutions of Kyiv.
We offer comprehensive legal support
For participants of the surrogacy programs — reproductive clinics, intended parents and surrogate mothers.
Legal advice
Drafting of a child carrying agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. While drafting the contact we take into consideration all particularities of the surrogacy program, this includes obtaining consent of the surrogate mother's husband to her participation in the surrogacy program.
Child carrying agreement
Independent legal review of documents in the surrogacy program (a pack of documents provided to the intended parents for signature by the selected clinic / agency).
Review and audit
Drafting documents to establish legal terms and conditions for cooperation between the clinic, intended parents and surrogate mother (contacts, consents, applications etc.).
Drafting of contacts between different parties of the surrogacy program
Drafting a pack of documents after the child's birth required for further registration applications (notarized consent of the surrogate mother, other certificates etc.).
Legal support after the child's birth
Support during newborn's registration with respective authorities and obtaining the birth certificate.
for the intended parents

Helen Babich
Law Office Director
1. "Be sure to learn the procedure for taking the baby to the country of your residence in order to avoid issues after the baby is born. In this regard, contact the embassy with a respective request. I highly recommend doing this before entering into a surrogacy program"
2. "Carefully choose the agency you plan to work with, ask about the experience and the workflow, request documents that will be executed with the agency, information about payment procedures etc. The more documents you have - the less risks can be involved".
3. "The Child carrying agreement, which is concluded between the intended parents and the surrogate mother, is one of the most important documents in the program. It must necessarily note down the rights and obligations of both parties, responsibility in case of violation of the contract, force majeure. It is better to entrust drafting of the contract to a professional lawyer with experience in the field of surrogacy, or to request an independent legal review if the contract is offered by the clinic or the agency".
Margarita, Germany
I was born in Ukraine, moved to Germany 20 years ago and acquired citizenship. Unfortunately, my health does not allow me to bear a child, so the only solution was surrogacy. I decided to enter into the program in Ukraine.
The registration procedure for children born by a surrogate mother is very complicated in Germany and there are many ins and outs. Therefore, we additionally reached out to a lawyer in Germany. The contract drafted by the attorney Helen Babich reflected the recommendations of a German lawyer, met the requirements, fully mitigated the risks, secured our interests and fully satisfied all parties.
Oksana, USA
My husband (a US citizen) could not come to Ukraine at the beginning of the program to sign documents, it turned out to be a big issue, however the lawyers of Helen Babich's Law Office helped us and suggested signing a power of attorney in the United States. The whole process was coordinated remotely, all details were taken into account: the lawyers specified the peculiarities of signing such document abroad and explained the legalization procedure, they as well as advised the wording to be included in the text of the power of attorney by a US notary in order for the PoA to be valid in the territory of Ukraine. We started the program as planned.
Victoria, Ukraine
I wanted to start the surrogacy program with two surrogate mothers at the same time, we have reached out to Helen Babich for advice in due course. She pointed our attention to the things that we could not have guessed (children born in one year, etc.). Very grateful for the help.
Katerina, Ukraine
We were going through a surrogacy program. When it was time to draft the contract with our surrogate mother, unfortunately, we were provided with a template contract and were not ready to adjust it according to our needs. In addition, no one has negotiated the agreement with the surrogate mother and it is important for us that she feels secured and stressless.
That's why we reached out to Helen Babich, after all we have seen her interviews multiple times and heard positive feedback. The contract was comprehensive, anticipating all possible risks, even those unlikely to happen. In addition, Helen also provided a lot of useful advice, which helped us a lot.
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