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Family law

We offer legal assistance in matters related to
marriage, children, and property
We use pre-trial conflict resolution methods
We conduct negotiations with both sides, engage independent consultants (mediators, psychologists) to look at the problem from different perspective.Following these procedures clients willingly compromise. The results of negotiations are documented in agreements on child maintenance and parenting, on joint property separation between the spouses, marriage contacts etc.
We have successful litigation practice in various disputes
This includes divorce, separation of property, establishing and changing alimony, establishing of communication method with children, departure of children outside of Ukraine without one of the parents' consent and accompaniment, establishment and termination of parental rights, appointment of a guardian or custodian, return of children to the country of their usual residence.
We manage to exceed expectations of our clients by receiving judgements of court which help them to resolve their legal issues and this practice is confirmed in various courts and decisions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.
Family Law Services
Providing legal advice, documenting legal facts with state authorities i.e. birth, death, separate residence of the spouses etc.
Legal advice
Termination of marriage by joint application, establishment and collection of alimony and additional costs, establishment of child's place of residence, child maintenance and parenting arrangements (including visiting schedule), separation of property, etc.
Divorce and all related disputes
Providing advice to brides, drafting marriage contracts, etc.
Regulation of issues before marriage registration
Representation of the interests of victims of domestic violence in law enforcement and judicial bodies.
Protection from domestic violence
• establishing / challenging motherhood, paternity (including children born in IVF programs)- departure of a child abroad (including for permanent residence)
• return of a child to Ukraine
Disputes about children
• establishing child's place of residence
• establishing the amount of alimony and additional costs
• protection of children's rights (education, property, accommodation)
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03056, Kyiv,
Beresteysky Avenue 21-А, office 1
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Helen Babich
Law Office
03056, Ukraine, Kyiv,
Beresteysky Avenue 21-А, office 1
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