Family law

We are engaged in family disputes regarding the division of property of spouses, determination, change of place of residence of the child, establishing the method of keeping and raising children, returning children to their countries of permanent residence, etc.
Attorneys of the Law Office protect the client's interests by using pre-litigation conflict resolution.
We negotiate with both parties, involve independent consultants - mediators, psychologists, and look at the problem from different perspectives. This approach helps our clients to reach compromise - the conclusion of childcare and upbringing contracts; property settlement; marriage contracts and so on.
We are cool because we have good litigation practice of various kinds - about marriage dissolution; distribution of property of spouses; installing and changing alimony; establishing a way of communicating with children; the departure of children outside Ukraine without the consent and support of one parent; recognition and abolition of paternity; appointment of a guardian; return of children to their country of usual residence.
We manage to exceed expectations of our clients by receiving judgements of court which help them to resolve their legal issues and this practice is confirmed in various courts and decisions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Family Law Services:
  • advice on issues arising in the field of marriage and family relations;
  • preparation and analysis of contracts in the sphere of family relations: marriage contracts, contracts regulating property relations, alimony contracts, agreements on the exercise of parental rights, alienation of a share by one of the spouses, etc;
  • representing the client's interests in court;
  • divorce procedure support (with or without the client's participation in court sessions), recognition of the marriage as invalid / fictitious, establishing the spouse's separate residence regime;
  • developing a strategy for protecting the marital property interests of the couple;
  • support for the division of joint property of the couple (with or without the client's participation in court sessions);
  • counseling and representation of client's interest on the issues of establishing and contesting paternity (maternity), custody, placement of children deprived of parental care, adoption;
  • maintenance of interest-based child support / hard cash for children or one of the spouses (with or without client involvement in court sessions);
  • support for litigation regarding the deprivation of parental rights;
  • registration of a child's travel permits abroad.