Legal support of surrogacy

Legal support of surrogacy
Head of the Law Office, Attorney at Law Helen Babich has experience in providing legal support for surrogacy programs since 2003.
We offer clients our experience and more than a dozen successful surrogacy programs, which we have passed together with patients of medical institutions, both Ukrainian and international citizens. We have developed hundreds of pregnancy contracts and we are fully aware of all possible issues which couple may face while building families through surrogacy and know how to prevent them.
Services of legal support of the surrogate motherhood program:
  • legal advice to participants in surrogate motherhood programs - reproductive clinics, intended parents and surrogate mothers;
  • preparation and translation of the documents required for participation in the program;
  • development of contracts between intended parents and surrogate mother, taking into account all the peculiarities of the surrogate motherhood program;
  • registration of the consent of the surrogate mother's husband for her participation in the surrogate motherhood program;
  • preparation of documents for registration of legal relations between the hospital, intended parents and surrogate mother (agreement, program participants' consent);
  • registration of paperwork which is required for the subsequent registration of the child (legal support of notarial certification of consent of the surrogate mother, receipt of certificates, etc.);
  • support for the registration of the newborn baby at the civil registry office and obtaining birth certificate for the child.
  • assistance in the preparation of travel documents for the child.

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