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My name is Helen Babich, I am a medical solicitor with more than 16 years work experience. Family law, legal guidance and advice through surrogacy process are the main areas of practice of my company.

In family law we are dealing with property settlements, changing the child's place of residence, child custody and visitation, returning of children to their countries of permanent residence, etc.

With regard to surrogate motherhood support, we offer to clients our experience and more than a dozen successful surrogacy programs that we have undergone together with patients in healthcare settings, including foreigners. We are fully aware of all possible issues which couple may face while building families through surrogacy and know how to prevent them.

Our services include individual legal counselling, validation of all necessary paperwork related to surrogacy program, drafting and negotiating of contracts between program participants, legal support related to establishing parental rights, child registration in official institutions, obtaining birth certificate, preparation of all necessary documents for Embassy to obtain travel permit for child.

If our help in resolving a family dispute is required or you are looking for a surrogacy expert, please contact us. Timely professional legal advice allows you to calculate risks and in most cases, completely eliminate possible problems.
Respectfully yours,
Helen Babich
Law Office Director, Attorney at Law

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